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Dare to sail seas of sand, and explore a magic land, where the moon whispers tales of The Arabian Nights.

Who we are?

We want you to fall in love

This story begins with one of our main members, Nuria, coming to Aït Ben Haddou on a touristic trip. This happened nearly by accident, but we know the most beautiful things happen this way, and when she first saw the village, she knew that time wouldn't be the last one. And she was right.

She fell in love with Aït Ben Haddou, with the Kasbah, with its culture and its environment... and she met Mohamed, another of our members.

Then somehow, knowing their other enterprise in Spain had the Seal of Touristic Quality from the Spanish Government, she thought about applying the same ideas on a new project, based in Aït Ben Haddou as a touristic destiny. That's how Dreaming Sands came to life.

Now, Nuria, her daughter María, and the rest of their hard working partners are developing all this project, so that everyone can discover and enjoy Aït Ben Haddou's history, culture and magic.

About Morocco


Morocco has been habited from  immemorial times. It’s calculated that it was habited by the hominids approximately 400.000 years ago. its History, it goes back to 10.000 B.C., since the Berbers or ” men of the land ” were settling themselves in the country. They, divided in tribes, have managed to support their independence and their culture.


The Moroccans have inherited a mixture of genes that comes, besides the Berbers and Arabs, from Phoenicians, Sephardic Jews, and sub-Saharan Africans. All these factors have made Morocco an indispensable destination for any traveler

What to see

The situation of Morocco in the northwest of the African continent makes this country an ideal place for tourism. Its geographical situation and its climate make us meet the most diverse landscapes, from the mountains and valleys to the desert. It is a country with 446.550 km2, from which 1.835 kms are coast. Famous for cities like Casablanca, his capital Rabat or Tangier near the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco’s experiencing nowadays an increasing tourist development in all the coastal cities.


Another one of its attractions is his climate, and his proximity with Europe. Only 14 kms .Although it may be far from Spain, the connections by sea and air routes make it extremely accessible to visit it. The increase of flights towards the desert and the Route of the Kasbahs make Morocco an ideal place to go for a weekend up to a circuit to visit the principal cities of the country, to know its mountain chains and to be able to stay and enjoy the nights of the desert under the stars.

Discover Morocco

Let us to desing your next adventure

Are you ready to embark on a unique adventure in Morocco? Let us bring your travel dreams to reality. Our team of travel experts is ready to design a personalized itinerary that fits your expectations and needs. Don't wait any longer, start your trip to Morocco with us today!

Our privates tours

If you don't find the route you are looking for, contact us and we will give you a personalized quote.

Route of the Kasbahs

Sahara Desert


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